Do some research to find a school that fits your needs

There are a number of reasons not to apply to a large number, including time and money.  Schools charge application fees that can range from $30 to $90, that can add up fairly quickly.  There are application fee waivers that your counselor can arrange if your family falls under certain income guidelines.  Usually a quick survey of data suggests that the average student applies to between 6 and 10 colleges.  The key thing you want to do as an applicant is to figure out what you want from a college and then do some research to find a school that fits your needs. Want a co-op program in a major city, find one, want to study philosophy in New Mexico, find a school that offers it, want to stay close to home, we have a school here on Guam that does a fine job.

Too often students approach the task from the wrong direction, they apply everywhere and hope a school likes them, do some research and find a school that you like, than apply there.  Want help researching colleges?  Your school’s counselor will have a great amount of information, also try:,, or


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