Students Demonstrate Scientific Method

The St. John’s 4th and 5th Grade science fair was held Wednesday and Thursday, April 22-23 in the LRC. Classes were invited to view the results of the students’ efforts using the scientific method.

The science projects enabled the students to apply everything they’ve learned over the course of their elementary school careers in order to discover some pretty cool and new things about the world around them. In addition to setting up sophisticated experimental procedures and eye catching display boards, students were also judged by their peers and faced inquisition as they presented their findings to the Upper School Biology and Environmental students.


Congratulations to our Winners!


1 – Thomas Ysrael

Which Bamboo Fibers Make Concrete Stronger?

1 – Kiran Toh

Bacon or Butter – Which Make the Best Candles?

2 – Kaia Malakooti

Fruits – What is the best way to Preserve Them?

2 – Honoka Choo

How Does Salt Effect the Cooling of a Canned Drink in Ice Water?

3 – Ben Borja

What is the Effect of Soda on Tarnished Pennies?

3 – Max Manibusan

Raw Honey vs. Pasteurized


1 – Cameron Kelley

Are Sports Drinks the Best Way to Replenish Electrolytes to the Body after a Workout?

1 – Wendy Zheng

Can Fruits and Vegetables be Used Like Batteries to Produce Electricity?

2 – Ave Petra

Soda Pop Plants

2 – Dylan Perez

Do Store Bought Products Actually Help Delay Decay in Fruit?

3 – Elizabeth Chua


3 – Brian Kim

Make It and Float It!

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