Charlson Bae Ro, Class of 2015

St. John’s School is proud to be the home of  ambitious, dedicated, understanding, determined and caring students who thrive in the classroom and move on to bright, successful futures. Hear what the students had to say about their St. John’s experiences and the experiences and opportunities that await them in college and beyond.


Charlson Bae Ro
Class of 2015

What colleges were you accepted into?

 UC San Diego, Northeastern University, Boston College, College of William & Mary and  UC Berkeley

Which college will you choose and why?

 UC Berkeley

What is your planned college major and minor?


Why do you wish to pursue this major or career? How does this match with what you would like to achieve in your life after college?

 I believe finance will allow me to speak the language of money, which in turn, would allow me to bring it home. After college, I would like to attend Harvard Business and pursue an MBA. Harvard MBA = stake of the universe.

What about college are you most excited for?


What advice would you give to a high school student starting college applications?

Start early, don’t procrastinate, ask your teachers (Ms. Salas/Ms. Petra/Ms. Chu) to proofread your essays, and consider the service academies if you are a U.S. citizen.

What will your lasting memories of St. John’s be?

I’ll always remember St. John’s as the school that provided me with the most positive learning environment. I get away with cracking jokes in class, which probably won’t be the case in college. I also value relationships I have established with teachers. I don’t think college students are able to get as close with their professors just because there are so many other students. Above all, I will miss the people who make St. John’s what it is.

How well has St. John’s prepared you for a successful college future?

The academic rigor at St. John’s definitely surpasses those of other schools on island, which is evidenced by the success of our alumni and our dominance in academic competitions (we’re seriously the best). Strong academics are the foundation for success in college. In addition, the school consists of knowledgeable instructors and counselors, who instill habits necessary for success and guide students in the right direction.


America Recycles Day


St. John’s Christmas Concert


St. John’s Christmas Chapel

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