Kristin Oberiano – Class of 2012

This month we catch up with Kristin Oberiano, who is currently pursuing a double major in history and American studies at Occidental College in Los Angeles and is serving her second year as captain of the Oxy Women’s Golf Team. 

What did you do in the year following HS Graduation?

I currently attend Occidental College in Los Angeles, a small liberal arts school that is similar to St. John’s in classroom environment and academic reputation. I am a double major in history and American studies with an emphasis in American imperialism in the Pacific.

Can you tell us about the career path you will choose after College?

I plan to attend graduate school to earn a Ph.D. in History, with an emphasis in World History or United States and the World. I am really interested in exploring American colonial relationships in the Pacific as it relates to Guam and other Pacific territories. Research is also a great passion of mine since I love to find the complexities in seemingly simplified themes in history. This summer I will be part of Oxy’s Undergraduate Research Center Summer Research Program in which I will work with Professor Xiao-Huang Yin in order to conduct research on Guam citizenship laws and movements. I plan to write about Guam history and further incorporate what I discover into the the research I will be conducting in senior year, and hopefully thereafter.

How has St. John’s prepared you for University life?

One of the most important aspects of college life that I have experienced is the ability to have the courage to actively learn and engage with classes and the professors. St. John’s teachers are remarkable people who want to educate the whole student in order to prepare them for life. I find that speaking to them and learning from their unique experiences make a St. John’s education even more special. Since I had the courage and opportunity to speak to St. John’s teachers, I had the courage also to speak to my professors at Oxy to get to know them, and learn from them. These relationships enrich my education to something more outside the classroom. The small class environment at St. John’s encouraged student-teacher relationships that are priceless.

Outside of work/school, what other activities/organizations are you involved in and why?

Since my first year at Oxy, I have been a part of the Oxy Women’s Golf Team. We are NCAA Division III team competing with other schools from Southern California. At St. John’s sports was a huge part of my overall experience, and I thought that I should continue this trend in to my collegiate career. I recently completed my junior year of competition with a fifth place finish at the SCIAC championships and was awarded a spot on All-Conference Team. This is also my second year as captain of a spectacular team of players from all over the world.

Do you still keep in touch with your St. John’s School friends?

I keep in touch with some of my St. John’s friends, who now attend universities all over the world. Even more, whenever I come back to Guam, I visit my former teachers like Dr. Debra Cabrera and talk to her about grad school and other life happenings.

What experiences from St. John’s are the most memorable?

I would say that most memorable experience would be with my 2011 IIAAG Girls’ volleyball team. We won island-wide championships that year as the underdogs, and we proved to the island that a small school can produce great student athletes. Our motto for the team was “One Point at a Time,” which I continue to use in my life in both school and sports.

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