Summer program offers variety of opportunities


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It’s all about variety

Children positively flourish when they’re exposed to a wide variety of fun, engaging, intellectual activities. Creating a screen play or simplifying expressions one day, learning the fundamentals of golf the next, or practicing water safety and survival skills in the pool — our varying list of summer courses combine academics and activities in inspiring and educational ways.

All are welcome

St. John’s Summer Program is open to all students, and many students from different schools all over the island and all over the world attend seeking enrichment, fun and preparation for the upcoming school year.

Enrollment and Attendance: “Rolling” Start and End Dates

St. John’s summer school courses offer flexibility to fit your family’s summer schedule. Choose your start and end dates according to your schedule.

Let knowledge shine like the sun for your child all summer long. At St. John’s we keep it simple and fun, while always being mindful of learning.

Click here to learn more!

Enrolling is easy! Just call our Summer School coordinators at 671-646-8080 or send us a message and we will promptly respond. 



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