The Carnegie Hall Experience

From left to right –Norman Babia (Music Director), Stella Lee, Hayley Ko, Roy Yoon, Alex Ryu, Amy Xu, Eliah Kim, Jeri Raizel Yu, Ludy Ko (Music Teacher)

Seven students from St. John’s School were selected to perform under the direction of renowned conductors at the 2016 High School Honors Performance Series at Carnegie Hall,  one of the most prestigious venues in the world for both classical and popular music. From February 4-8, 2016 the following St. John’s students were able to visit and perform in New York for this once-in-a-lifetime experience:

12th Grade       Hayley Ko

11th Grade       Jee-In (Stella) Lee

10th Grade       Jinwoo (Roy) Yoon

10th Grade       Amy Chen Chen Xu

10th Grade       Jeri Raizel Yu

9th Grade         Hyoung Joo (Alex) Ryu

9th Grade         Chae Yeon (Eliah) Kim

According to Norman Babia, Music Director at St. John’s School, “Students on Guam who want to perform in Carnegie Hall with world-class conductors must aim to join this annual activity. It is a truly enriching musical experience added with the taste of New York Broadway. The High School Honors Performance Series, headed by Ms. Morgan Smith, is a world-class and professional organization that totally supports music education. They work to achieve a top-notch musical performance in a very safe and supporting environment.”

As a not-so-professional vocalist, I was greatly surprised by the impressive skills and passion from all finalists around the world. It was fun and beneficial when interacting with other finalists. Everyone was glad to meet new friends and to make music as a whole during this memorable trip in New York. – Amy Xu

I will never forget the wonderful rehearsals I had with some of the most talented singers out there in the world. The music we created was unlike anything I’ve ever heard or felt, it was surreal. An unforgettable moment for me was also when those intense, 8-hour rehearsals for the performance paid off when our Honors Women’s Choir finished our 6 song repertoire and we got a standing ovation from the whole Carnegie Hall theater. – Raizel Yu

It felt very refreshing to work with conductors who pay a lot of attention to detail in the pieces. It is always an honour to work with people who are successful and known in their trade. Although Dr. Elizabeth Schauer was tough, I enjoyed every minute working with her and the choir. – Hayley Ko

The Honors Performance Series was created to showcase accomplished and elite high school performers on an international level by allowing them to study under master conductors and perform in the world famous Carnegie Hall. Learn more by visiting

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