Donuts with Dad




Pre-K celebrates Father’s Day with Donuts and Dads.

The St. John’s Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4 Summer School class invited parents to spend a special morning in the classroom with their child for Father’s Day.

Parents were greeted by their kids with a special ‘Happy Father’s Day’ song as they entered, followed by an adornment of special handmade gifts. Parents were also able to view the progress their 3 and 4 year olds have made in the classroom while spending quality time with them.

The Pre-K Curriculum

A huge focus is placed on positive social interaction among the students, as well as smooth and consistent routines and transitions. And as a school widely known for their high academic standards, Language, Reading, Writing, Math, Reasoning, Art, Music and Technology are also introduced.

There’s still time to enroll

Every year St. John’s Pre-K Summer program helps get children and families ready for school. For many parents, the program is a good transition from being at home to a school environment. Some parents choose a half day schedule for summer, while others opt for the full day. And with a rolling admissions policy, parents have the flexibility to choose their start and end dates.

Enrolling is easy! Just call our Summer School coordinators at 671-646-8080 or send us a message and we will promptly respond. 





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