St. John’s takes Science Fair

Congratulations to our St. John’s winners of the 38th Annual Island Wide Science Fair held on May 7th at UOG. Our students were exposed to a broad range of opportunities for scientific inquiry, while teachers helped arm them with the tools and knowledge they needed to answer their questions about the world around them. Their science experiments were a great way to demonstrate important concepts in ecology, physics, human/medical, energy/inventions and chemistry, as well as project ideas and explain procedures that yielded enlightening results.

In addition, Amy Seo is the 1st place overall winner and received the opportunity to attend the NASA Space Camp/Academy in Huntsville, Alabama.

Below are all our category winners:


Division 3: Ji hee Min – 1st place

Division 4: Amy Seo – 1st place



Division 2:  Dylan Perez – 1st place

Division 4: Anne Wen – 2nd place



Division 4:

Alice Yi – 1st place

Jessica Pelletier – 2nd place

Kitty Ke – 3rd place



Division 2: Justine Xu – 2nd place

Division 4: Katelee McCormic – 2nd place



Division 3:  Haram Kim – 3rd place

Division 4: Brandon Yu – 2nd place


In the past 9 years (since 2008) St. John’s School has won 1st place in the Island wide Science fair 7 times!

Here are the 1st place overall island wide winners:

2016 – Youngyoon Amy Seo

2015 – Veronica Chua

2014 – Danielle Stephenson

2013 – Danielle Stephenson

2012 – Linda Song

2009 – Anran Li

2008 – Paris Marler

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