Students Win Awards in India

by Youngyoon Amy Seo (11th grade)


Namaste! This is the most common, universal greeting used in India.

In July, seven students participated in the Asia Pacific Conference of Young Scientists in India as ambassadors of St. John’s School. The group stayed in New Delhi, the capital of India, from July 13 to 20.

Students attending the program included Kitty Ke, Katelee McCormic, Jessica Pelletier, Daniel Su, Leya Yang, Brandon Yu, and Allison Zhang, who participated in her second APCYS. Mrs. Christine McCormic attended as their advisor.

Students are annually invited to APCYS to represent Guam with their innovative ideas and science experiments, and this year, the conference was held in India.

Junior Brandon Yu said, “When I went to India, I was amazed by the other projects. It gave me motivation to work harder next time. I felt that my dedication and hard work definitely paid off through this experience.”

Junior Katelee McCormic said, “It was so much fun to share my science fair ideas.” McCormic’s project was titled, “Reaction Time Based on Grade Using the Wait Now Reaction Time App.” She said, “I made many friends, which was awesome. I am very glad that I got the chance to present my project in front of people, and this opportunity helped me to overcome my fear of public speaking.”

The students developed their projects based on their interest in biology, chemistry, and physics. Daniel Su’s project was “Generating Electricity Using Earth-Coupled Thermoelectric Modules,” while Allison Zhang presented “Chemical Analysis of Second Hand Smoke: Vape Juice” and Brandon Yu demonstrated “High Speed Magnets: Using Faraday’s Law Through Wave Currents To Desalinate Water Using Electrodialysis.”

Kitty Ke and Leya Yang used commonly used materials, such as chopsticks and barbecue chicken, as the foundation of their project. Ke’s project, “Detecting H2SO3 in Everyday Disposable Chopsticks” detected H2SO3 in disposable chopsticks and observed different brands. Yang presented “Controlling Barbecue Time Marination to Prevent Mutigenecity in Barbecue Chicken,” which controlled barbecue chicken marination time.

Senior Jessica Pelletier’s project was “Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Various Sweeteners via Invertase.” The students learned and enjoyed more that just science. Aside from presenting their projects, students experienced India’s beauty and rich culture. Pelletier said, “At cultural night, I learned Indian dances and tasted what it is like to live in India. I also made friends despite the language barrier.”

The unanimous cultural highlight was visiting the TajMahal, a monument built by the great Mughal emperor Shah Jahan for his beloved wife.

The students all agreed that representing Guam in the APCYS was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.







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