Being the salutatorian of your graduating class is a great honor. This year’s St. John’s Class of 2017 Salutatorian has displayed dedication, hard work, and is the kind of student that embraces the challenge of rigorous academic programs.

Hear what Jana has to share about her St. John’s experiences and the experiences and opportunities that await her in college and beyond.


What colleges were you accepted into?

Georgetown University

Manhattan College

Fordham University

San Francisco State University

How much scholarship were you awarded?

I chose Georgetown University, which offered a scholarship of $53,000 per year

What is your planned college major? minor?

International Political Economy and Business


Why do you wish to pursue this major or career? How does this align with what you would like to achieve in your life after college?

I am still undecided with my career plans, so I wanted to pursue a course that would keep my career options broad. I figured that with business, I would be able to tailor the skills I’ve developed according to my future career aspirations.My favorite thing about the IB Diploma Program is its focus on a global perspective and intercultural understanding. I wanted to expand on this global perspective I’ve developed as an IBDP candidate. Thus, I sought to combine my interests in international relations and business with the major International Political Economy and Business.


What about college life are you most excited for?

Meeting new people, living independently, a new place, expanding my education


What advice would you give to a high school student starting college applications?

Don’t aim to apply for every school of interest — aim for a good balance between reach and safety schools. Also start early so you can enjoy your Christmas break.


What will your lasting memories of St. John’s be?

St. John’s brought me a unique high school experience.


How well has St. John’s prepared you for a successful college future? 

Hopefully the IB and AP classes have prepared me for the rigorous workload in college.


Who has been the most influential person in your time at St. John’s School?

The St. John’s Class of 2017!! My dear classmates have been the most influential to my high school experience. They all have helped me believe that I am worthy of being a successful person, and have motivated me to go out and be one.


What clubs/activities/organizations are you involved with on/off campus?

Drama Club, Asia Pacific International Club, Glee Club, National Honor Society


How were you able to balance your extracurricular activities and academic life so well? Any piece of great advice?

Much of my high school experience involved the struggle to find a good balance between my academics and extracurricular activities. I didn’t aim to join every single club or organization. Instead, I chose clubs that I knew I would enjoy, and thus, stay committed to despite the workload from my classes. I’ve learned that showing commitment and passion for a few clubs make much more of an impression on college admissions officers rather than half-heartedly joining every single club available.


What do you bequeath to the incoming junior class?

The stage.

Listen to Ms. Flores, read your scripts, and break a leg!


What is one thing you would like to change about the world?

A college education should be free! Education is fundamental to the development and growth of the world! However unfortunately, financial issues prevent many bright individuals from getting the education they desire and deserve.


Would you like to say a shout-out or anything to anyone (your parents/any teachers or staff)?

Shout-out to all of my teachers at St. John’s School—I’d like to thank them for believing in my abilities and for spreading knowledge in their own unique ways.

Dr. Deb, it has been a great pleasure to have been your student. You are one of the loveliest most understanding teachers I know—not to mention how wonderful of an advisor you are to the API Club.

Ms. McCormic, thank you for all of the hours you’ve spent helping me with my extended essay. All the chocolate in the world wouldn’t be enough to show my appreciation for your generosity and kindness.

I also would like to thank Ms. Flores for believing in the talent in all of us, and for helping us believe in it ourselves.

Most importantly, I’m so thankful for all the support and love my family and friends have provided me all these years.


37th Annual Island Wide Science Fair (2nd place winner in Chemistry Division) 2015

Japan Super Science Fair 2015

Rotary Club of Guam’s Karuizawa Exchange Program

St. John’s Drama Department production of Arsenic and Old Lace



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