2018 Carnegie Hall Experience

SooYoung Kim, Paradis Fejerang, Sophia Ysrael, and Madison Packbier

Four of St. John’s finest musicians were selected to perform at the 2018 High School Honors Performance Series at Carnegie Hall, one of the most prestigious venues in the world for both classical and popular music. From February 1st to 5th, the following St. John’s students were able to visit and perform in New York for this once-in-a-lifetime experience:

9th Grade              SooYoung Kim

10th Grade            Madison Packbier

12th Grade            Sophia Ysrael

12th Grade            Paradis Fejerang

These selected finalists had the opportunity to rehearse and perform under the direction of renowned conductors, meet other like-minded musicians from around the world and experience the best of the sights and performing arts in New York City.

“Our conductor was amazing; he had 185 students performance ready with six pieces after only 16 hours of rehearsal time! The best part of the program was meeting people from different parts of the world who share the same passion for music,” said high school senior, Sophia Ysrael.

“This program helped me gain confidence and now I’m bolder on stage and not afraid to explore with my voice. Our conductors taught us to examine new sounds and to merge our feelings in order to sing with passion and even intimacy towards the songs,” Madison Packbier stated.

High school senior Paradis Fejerang especially thank Mr. Babia (St. John’s School Music Director) for counseling her about the trip before the nomination and helping her prepare for and record her audition. She added, “New York was something I’ve never been able to experience before. From the cold weather to the giant buildings – everything was new. I’m completely grateful to have been a part of the trip, especially to also have been accompanied by the other three girls: Madison, SooYoung, and Sophia in representing our school and our island.” Although attending the High School Honors Performance entailed hard work and dedication, the finalists enjoyed sharing the experience with their peers. Paradis further mentioned, “Through the tough parts of forcing ourselves to stay awake and splashing water on our faces to be sure we didn’t doze off, it was always worth it to be able to get through the day with the rest of the kids in the program, which is what I think would be the best part.”

The selected students were accompanied by St. John’s music teacher, Mrs. Ludy Ko. The Honors Performance took place on February 4.

Left to Right: Ludy Ko, Paradis Fejerang, Warren Mize (chaperone), and Sophia Ysrael

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