Student Art Exhibit

Families and fellow students visited the LRC last Friday, February 16 to view the artistic pieces produced by our kindergarten to 12th grade students from Ms. Nancy Provido and Ms. Vivian Marutani’s art classes. The lower school artworks from Ms. Marutani’s class consist of the following themes:

“Watercolor Zebras” by the kindergarten class

“Tempera Owls” by the first grade class

“Desert Textured Collages” by the 2nd grade class

“Tissue Paper Octopi” by the third grade class

“Monochromatic Fall Trees” by the 4th grade class

“Cray-pen Animal Eyes” by the 5th grade class

Ms. Marutani stated that the students are able to express themselves through art.  The young artists have the freedom to let go and create their pieces based on how they interpret the subject.  She added, “Even though it (artwork) doesn’t look like the way other people would look at it, it’s them.  I like to see them in there (artwork). I don’t want it to look like their neighbors.”

Various glazed floral and other themed pottery pieces that were created by Ms. Provido’s middle and upper school pottery students were also showcased in the library.

Ms. Provido said, “the nice thing about art is that there is no bad art. Different people looking at a particular piece will have different feelings. If you really look at all of them, there are no bad pieces. They all did flowers – so you give them a theme. Some of them are going to be more proficient, but all of them are going to be proud to show them because there are no bad pieces.”



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