Lower school students learn to grow plants

St. John’s lower school students gathered as representatives from  the Farm to Table-Guam Corporation presented a short discussion about agriculture. Students and teachers had the opportunity to ask questions regarding the subject matter.

The St. John’s PTA was able to fund the purchase of  five garden tables and seedlings for the students’ garden project which was led by lower school teacher, Mr. Alves. After the brief discussion, students observed as the staff demonstrated how to transfer seedlings to the table soil.

During this project, the young student farmers will be growing three different plants for the garden project: lettuce, basil and kale. According to a Farm to Table representative, lettuce is extremely difficult to grow on Guam. They tend to not like a lot of heat or a lot of direct sun. He added that the harvest tables will be beneficial to the plants’ growth because of the shade it provides. Students will be able to harvest the plants by April to May should they be successful in caring for them.

Your support of the PTA allows them to raise funds to enhance resources and programs such as these, adding unique and enriching experiences to students’ education.

Farm to Table-Guam Corporation is a non-profit organization committed to supporting local farmers and contributing to the well-being of our community.

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