2018 Wacky Olympics and Sports Day

After an active morning of fun and friendly competition among schoolmates, the Green or Pelleus House came out victorious at St. John’s Annual Sports Day on Friday, March 23, 2018.

Derived from King Arthur (purple house) and the Knights of the Round Table, which includes Sir Lancelot (gold house) and Sir Pelleus (green house), with the exemption of Sir Paul McCartney (orange house) who was knighted for his services to music, the four knights’ houses competed in a full morning of games.

Sporting their respective house colored shirts, 3rd to 12th grade students competed in relay races, obstacle courses, dodge ball, volleyball, and futsal held at different areas of the school campus. The event concluded with the green house leading with 95 points, followed by the gold house with 92 points. The purple team finished in third place with 85 points and in last, the orange team with 81 points.

The primary grades, pre-kindergarten through grade 2 students, wore their lime green house shirts and participated in the Wacky Olympics held on Thursday, March 22. The event kicked off with the Jump Rope for Heart closing ceremony and a warm-up facilitated by Mr. Luis Blanco from the Pound Academy. The Wacky Olympics was comprised of 10 indoor games stationed throughout the school’s gymnasium- Target Golf, Soccer Shoot-Out, Huffy Challenge, Basketball Challenge, Bean Bag Toss, Torch Relay, Bowling Bash, Ring Toss, Jump Rope (for kindergarten to 2nd grade) and Free Hoop Play. Each stations were managed by parent volunteers and 11th grade students.


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