St. John’s School’s Art Department held its Knights Gallery Opening Reception last Sunday, April 22, 2018 at the Tumon Sands Plaza. The exhibit features outstanding artworks and talents of nine seniors under the International Baccalaureate (IB) Art Program, including:

  • Pedro John
  • Kitty Ke
  • Naomi Matsuno
  • Caitlyn Niu
  • Zoe Provido
  • Takumi Simon
  • Ivan Skvaril
  • Anna Soyama
  • Stacey Yamazaki

Through a wide array of art media (drawings, paintings, ceramics, photography, digital art, etc.), each student selected their own theme and produced works that exemplify technical skills, creativity and self-expression.

Young artist, Zoe Provido’s work focuses on the female form and figure, and revolves around the theme of “The Floating World” which is influenced by the Japanese traditional art of woodblock printing known as Ukiyo-e. She mentioned that with her artwork, she hopes to have the audience develop an appreciation for figures and the human body, and to understand that there is some sort of underlying meaning in her works based on the gestures and composition of each piece.

“I feel very proud to have my work displayed out to the public and can’t thank the IB advisors (Ms. Reffell, Mrs. Petra, and Ms. Chu) enough for having tremendously guided and helped me along with the other diploma candidates in this process”, said Naomi Matsuno whose artwork  centers on landscapes. Naomi added that when the viewers see her work, she would not only like them to be able to interact with the landscapes she painted and “experience” it for themselves, but to also appreciate the beauty in the simplicity of a landscape.

The end products are often included in a portfolio that is, in great part, responsible for helping students gain admission to some of the best institutions in the nation.

The Knights Gallery is located at the Tumon Sands Plaza (1082 Pale San Vitores Road, Tumon, Guam, 96913). Gallery hours are 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. The last day of the gallery is on May 12, 2018. Admission to the gallery is free of charge and open to the public.


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