Lower school celebrates Earth Day with Miss Earth Guam

St. John’s lower school held a special chapel service on Tuesday, April 24 in celebration of Earth Day 2018.  The fourth grade class performed a short skit where selected students portrayed different elements (such as water, sun, nature, humans, pollution, etc.) and emphasized on the importance of keeping our environment clean.

Miss Earth Guam 2017, Emma Sheedy, visited the chapel service to give a talk to the students on ways we can take care of our environment, particularly highlighting recycling, using reusable bottles, picking up 3 pieces of trash during a beach visit, and lastly as students, using a lunch bag instead of a plastic bag.

As announced by third grade teacher, Mr. Alves, the lower school will also be hosting a book drive where students can donate slightly used books to Miss Earth Guam, who in turn, will sort them out and distribute it to the public school students.

Following the chapel service, Miss Earth Guam paid a visit to the third grade class to further elaborate ways the students can eliminate waste and protect our environment through the 5R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink and Respect.

“Earth Day is just one day that people need to rethink the way they are living their life.” -Miss Earth Guam

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