Keep them active and learning over summer

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Explore new interests, develop important skills and prepare for the next level of academic challenges

At St. John’s School, our summer school students stay engaged academically while exploring new interests, developing important skills and preparing themselves for the next level of academic challenges in the Fall.

With an array of courses to choose from, flexible start and end dates and exciting courses to enrich your child’s summer, St. John’s summer program suits your student’s academic needs and your family’s busy summer schedule.

Explore Fresh Interests, and Build New Skills

Whether you’re a high school senior needing a math credit for graduation, a middle school student interested in improving your swimming performance, or a parent seeking a summer enrichment activity for your three year old, St. John’s summer programs provide the solution.

Enrollment and Attendance: “Rolling” Start and End Dates

St. John’s summer school courses offer flexibility to fit your family’s summer schedule. Choose your start and end dates according to your schedule.

Click here to learn more!

Enrolling is easy! Just call 671-646-8080 or send us a message and we will promptly respond. 


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