Guam Nihongo Challenge Bowl 2018

St. John’s students did a great job placing in the 2018 Guam Nihongo Challenge Bowl (GNCB) on Saturday, April 28, 2018 at Father Duenas, Phoenix Center. The Guam Nihongo Challenge Bowl is an annual island-wide competition hosted by the Guam Nihongo Teachers’ Association, or also known as GuNTA.

Each team may consist of 2 to 3 students and are assigned to levels (Level 1, 2 and 3), depending on the number of years students have been studying Japanese.

This year, the following St. John’s students have placed and participated in their respective levels:

Level 1
2nd place: Aprile Kim (9th grade) and Samuel Kim (10th grade)
3rd place: Brian Joseph (9th grade) and Kevin Kim (9th grade)
Roland Wang, Albert Liu, and Joo Hyun Park
Patrick Jun, Luna Puangco, and Clarence Dimalanta

Level 2
3rd place: Senwin Pareja (10th grade) and Austin Liu (10th grade)
Alec Del Mundo and Angeline Del Carmen
Rachel Yang and Olivia Wen
James Zhong and Warren Chen

Level 3
1st place: Raina Patague (11th grade), Sydney Ganeb (11th grade) and Jasmine Diaz (11th grade)
Jihee Min and William Sha
Chloe Oftana and Ryleen Pam

The aim of GNCB is to promote Japanese language and culture through friendly competition among fellow students, and to further motivate the participants in the study of Japanese.

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