IYSIE 2018

Ten St. John’s upper school students participated and all placed high in the 2018 International Young Scientists Innovation Exhibition (IYSIE) held in Selangor, Malaysia last July 9 – 13. This event was organized by the Malaysia Young Scientist Organization.

Students from Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Thailand, the Philippines, USA, Guam, Sri Lanka, Laos, Russia, and China gathered ­to exhibit their innovative research projects and exchange ideas in the fields of Environmental Sciences, Physics and Engineering, Life Sciences, Computer Sciences and Mathematics.

The following students have participated and placed in their respective categories:

Olivia Wen – Silver medal
Environmental Sciences
“Converting Waste into Renewable Energy: Sludge, Compost, and Vegetable Matter”

Nicole Mathews – Bronze medal
Environmental Sciences
“The Use of Natural Sorbents in Soil to Prevent Contamination of Guam’s Aquifer”

Bill Xie/Eldon Xu – Bronze medal
Physics and Engineering
“Study of Anti Seismic Residential Structures”

Rachel Yang – Bronze medal
Physics and Engineering
“Clean Combustion”

Kyle Liu/ Brian Lee – Bronze medal
Physics and Engineering
“Generating Electricity Utilizing Heat Released from Exothermic Bacterial Decomposition”

Sissie Luo / Kevin Min – Bronze medal
Life Sciences
“Antibacterial Activity of Guamanian Flower Extracts”

Brian Joseph – Bronze medal
Life Sciences
“The Utilization of Banana and Orange Peels to Adsorb Heavy Lead from Contaminated Water”

Congratulations to our young scientists for representing St. John’s School and Guam so well!


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