Knights perform Miss Saigon in Cebu

Fourteen St. John’s orchestra and glee club students had the opportunity to visit Cebu, Philippines last July 15-23, 2018 to participate in the Miss Saigon School Edition. In collaboration with Blessed Trinity Achiever’s Academy and Broadway Cebu, the production was performed entirely by talented students, aged 14-18. The production premiered Friday, July 20 to Sunday, July 22 at the Rudolf Rahmann Cultural Center, University of San Carlos South Campus.

The following St. John’s students participated in the production:

Argem Oscianas (Trombone)
Justin Wang (Trombone)
Kevin Min (Violin)
Darren Chen (Tech/Tour Asst.)
Lucas Lee (Cello)
Brandon Yu (Violin/Trombone)
Trey Larsen (Trumpet)
Luke Johnson (Trombone)
Julie Cheng (Violin)
Shelby Adkins (Pit Chorus)
Ave Petra (Clarinet)
Thomas Ysrael (Alto Sax)
Nikki Mathews (Pit Chorus)
Sky Kim (Flute)

The St. John’s students performed with the Cebu Orchestra and sung with the pit chorus that invigorated the mixed student cast. This experience resulted to a life-changing impact to the students as it gave them a deeper appreciation of musicianship and added self-confidence. St. John’s Music Director, Mr. Norman Babia stated, “they realized that by allowing themselves to focus and to commit to working hard, they were able to achieve impossible things like performing difficult Broadway pieces with students of different background in just 4 short practices and 1 full run-through.”

Despite the tension and pressure of learning difficult music score and the time restraint of practices, the students were able to put in a commendable performance.

This international performance gave the students opportunities to immerse themselves with the Filipino and Cebuano culture, of Cebuano musicianship and musicians, and to meet like-minded peers. Not only did they actively participate in the Miss Saigon performance and tour around Cebu, they also provided humanitarian assistance by donating 50 bags of school supplies to students in Pasil, Cebu who were affected by a fire outbreak that destroyed their homes.


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