Xu sisters win off-island music awards over the summer

Xu sisters, 8th grader Justine and 5th grader Jamie had been proactive over the summer, showcasing their musical prowess in off-island competitions, outplaying foreign peers. On July 14, 2018, Jamie won 2nd place in the Youth Division for Violin at the 11th Hyperion Chamber National Competition sponsored by the Hyperion Chamber Orchestra held in South Korea. Meanwhile, older sister Justine won Gold Prize in the Children and Class of Violin Division at the Japan International Music Open Competition last July 2018 in Tokyo, Japan.

Justine also won Gold Prize in Section III Free Program Junior Course at the 19th International Music Competition DVD Audition, early last August.  Due to her success in the audition, she will advance to the finals of the Osaka International Music Competition on October 6, playing the violin in an open division, vying against the best musicians.

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