SJS Fam,

Kindly click on the link for footage of our recent annual volleyball tournament. It was a successful event, thanks to you all!🙌❤

Here’s the link to the pics: https://photos.app.goo.gl/6hHH15FfkFPFgWzb8

Thanks everyone for supporting, whether in person or in spirit. We had 7 teams compete (roughly 70 players) along with their friends and family that came out to support and cheer. In all honesty, if it weren’t for you all coming out to play, cheer and spend time, we would have no event. Ton of fun, yummy food, and awesome company. So thankful for all of you!

We’d like to give thanks to all the hands who gave their time, energy and donation items, ensuring an awesome experience. Thanks to Coach Shep and Coach Arvin for spearheading the tournament this year and for all your time and energy that went into this. And Congratulations on the big win!! 🥇🎉🏐 Thank you Mr. Kelley for being our awesome MC. 🎤😎Big hugs and thanks as well to Tomoko, Mariana and Michelle C. for coordinating and organizing this! You ladies seriously ROCK☀🌟!! Mariana, we want to thank you for your enthusiasm and willingness to join us with organizing. So excited to have you on board!! Your upbeat, can-do-anything energy is infectious and so appreciated🙏. Ms. Pat and Ms. Marlyn, thank you for always supporting us ❤ Ms. Nancy, once again the medals you created for us were perfect. Thanks so much for your time and support. We’re so grateful and we love them! 🙏 Thank you Mr. Babia and your tech crew for setting up the sound and speakers and staying through the entire event, ensuring everything ran smoothly. It did.🙌 And big thanks to the awesome maintenance staff for setting up and also for cleaning up the stage area before and after our event. Everything was great.😊🙌🙏

Thanks so much to everyone who donated a food item – Alonika’s boxes of donuts, Kin’s sub sandwich platter, Tasha’s big variety bags of chips, Angel’s fresh fruit platter, Tomoko’s famous corn soup, Mariana’s chicken tenders and paper products, Michelle C.’s bags of ice, Marlyn’s lumpia, the school for all the bottled waters and all the boxes of pizzas from Kaz, Toby and Stephanie.

Much ❤ to our entire alumni community.😘 Team work makes the dream work 🌟🙌

Congratulations to Top Gun on your big win!! 🥇🏐🔥

(written by Bianca Kamai)

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