Throughout the month of October, St. John’s lower school students participated in a series of presentations and fun-filled activities that promote literacy and healthy living through the Read-A-Lot program. The program kicked off on October 1 with Ms. Fran Baumann raising the awareness on the importance of exercise and diet, followed by a reading session of her very own children’s book “Ramon on the Phone”. A set of books were given to each lower school class. The following weeks consisted of stimulating activities that invigorated the students to learn through play and cultivated their minds through book swaps.

This year’s guests included:

  • Fran Baumann, Author
  • Steve Sablan, Custom Fitness
  • Mariana Cook-Hyunh, Marianas Physicians Group
  • Officer Anthony Demapan & Officer Benjamin Cruz, Guam Police Department
  • Leif Marcellus, Yoga Instructor
  • Jesse Rosario, Owner, The Boka Box
  • Rae Davis, Infinite Atelier
  • Michael-Ray Pallares, Tennis Coach & Expert

The month-long program culminated with each grade performing a dance number held on October 26.

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