2019 UOG Chemistry Titration Competition

The Chemistry Program of University of Guam’s College of Natural and Applied Sciences hosted its 2019 UOG High School Chemistry Titration Competition on March 12th.  It is an annual outreach event that tests students’ knowledge and skills in acid-base neutralization technique called titration.

Twenty-four students from six high schools competed this year.  Each participating school was allowed to send two teams, which consisted of 2 students per team.  Under the guidance of Upper School Science Teacher Ms. Kathy Yang, four St. John’s students competed this year: Grace Hutapea (10th grade), Heera Kodiyamplakkal (11th grade), Chanyoung Lee (10th grade), and Soomin Lee (10th grade).

Awards were given to students with the highest scores in the following categories: Team Competition, Individual Competition, and Lab Skills Competition.  Soomin Lee won third place in the Individual Competition category.

Well done, St. John’s Knights!

(From left to right) Chanyoung Lee, Heera Kodiyamplakkal, Ms. Yang, Soomin Lee, and Grace Hutapea

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