2019 Guam History Day Competition

St. John’s students represented the school exceptionally well at this year’s Guam History Day Island-wide Competition by placing high in several categories. The competition was held on March 23, 2019 at the University of Guam.

Participants’ projects were evaluated on the following principals – historic quality, adherence to the theme and clarity of information. All projects must clearly explain the relation of their research topic to this year’s National History Day theme, “Triumph and Tragedy in History”. St. John’s School earned a total of fourteen (14) wins – five first place, four second place, and five third place.

High School

Place Student Name Grade Level Project Title
Paper Category
1st Julia Lee 11 An Ongoing Political Experiment in America’s Territories: Denied Eligibility Solely Due to Residence
3rd Ivan Lescano 10 From Invasion to Liberation: The Impact of the Japanese Military Occupation on Guam
Individual Exhibit
2nd Olivia Wen 10 The US NAVY War Crime Trials: Courts, Laws, and Justice
3rd Minjeong ‘Rachel’ Seo 9 Bridging the Pacific: PanAm Innovates and Opens Guam to a Bigger World
Group Exhibit
1st Rachel Yang and Nicole Mathews 11 The Price for Education: The Guam Teachers Strike
Individual Performance
2nd Felix Gong 9 The Incessant Postponement of the War Reparations Owed to the Manåmko’ of Our Island
3rd Vicente Taijeron 11 Fanoghe CHamoru: Angel Leon Guerrero Santos
Group Website
1st Seyoung Choung and Brian Lee 10 Preserving an Identity: The History of Guam’s Culture
3rd Thomas Ysrael and William Su 9 The Effect of Colonialism on Guam’s Ecosystems


Middle School

Place Name Grade Level Project Title
Paper Category                                              
1st Jin Chung 8 Malice or Martyr: The Case of Ricardo Jerome “Ricky” Bordallo
2nd Kasey Xu 8 The Transformation of a Pacific Outpost: Pan American Airways.
Individual Exhibit
1st Ave Petra 8 Atate: Rising Above Tragedy Into Triumph
3rd Seungho ‘Sunny’ Kang 8 The Rise and Fall of the Galleon Trade
Individual Website
2nd Mark Wang 8 Close and Cheap: The Formation of Guam’s Tourism Industry

Several of the first-place students may have the opportunity to advance to the National History Day Competition on June 9-13, 2019 at the University of Maryland, College Park. Congratulations to all the students who participated and did an amazing job representing St. John’s School.

Figure 1 (Left to right – Top): Rachel Yang, Vicente Taijeron, Julia Lee, Ivan Lescano, Seyoung Choung, Mark Wang, Brian Lee, Kasey Xu, Seungho ‘Sunny’ Kang, Jin Chung (Left to Right – Bottom): Nicole Mathews, Ave Petra, Felix Gong (Not Pictured): Olivia Wen, Minjeong ‘Rachel’ Seo, Thomas Ysrael, William Su


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