St. John’s School Receives New Water Filling Stations

St. John’s School recently received three Elkay Filtered Enhance EZH2O Bottle Refilling Stations with a Single ADA Cooler, donated by One World, One Step.  One World, One Step is a non-profit organization founded by the Baker Family, which aims to eliminate the use of single-use plastic in our world. The Clean Water Guam Initiative is their first step in reducing our island’s consumption of single-use plastic water bottles.

The new water stations can be found in the lower, middle and high school buildings. Equipped with a refillable water bottle feature, the community will lessen its dependency on disposable plastic bottles. Each unit features a Green Ticker that informs users of the number of 20 oz. plastic water bottles saved from waste by using refillable bottles.

Kylie Baker, co-founder of One World, One Step expressed, “If we could all reduce single-use plastic, we hope to reduce the impact on our landfills on Island. Our goal would be to reduce the trash we throw in the landfill by half.” She hopes that if they educate people about their organization and the elimination of single-use plastic, we will see changes in our oceans, beaches, and our environment. Dylan Baker, “We want to bring our island back to the tropical paradise that we know it can be.”

More about One World, One Step:

 One World, One Step aims to eliminate the use of single-use plastic in our world. They believe that we are One World when it comes to pollution, and if we all take One Step in the right direction, we can reduce our dependency on single-use plastic, and everyone will benefit. Their goals are to start eliminating single-use plastic in the school by 2019/20 and to have Guam committed to be single-use plastic-free by 2025. They have provided 3 water fill stations to start eliminating plastic water bottles and have already saved over 600 plastic water bottles.

For events, the organization provides a water bar that supplies clean, drinkable water that is filtered from any tap and asks event organizers to have people bring their own refillable water bottles. The water bar has been featured at 7 events around Guam. One World, One Step encourages others to have sustainable events that are single-use plastic-free.

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