New Bleachers and Trees Donated to St. John’s School

St. John’s School would like to express their profound gratitude to the­ Malakooti family and a hardworking group of seniors. The Malakooti family donated the new trees that you see on our campus, as well as the supplies and equipment for planting them.  They also purchased the new bleachers for the soccer field. Beautiful and handy!

The dedicated seniors listed below worked during Spring Break to help plant the trees:

Kian Malakooti
Luke Kim
Patrick Wang
Eric Yi
Philip Suhr
Luna Puangco
Elisabeth Errett
Jenna Han
Sissie Luo
Raina Patague
Kevin Min
Luke Johnson
Jacob Susim

Be sure to thank these people when you see them. This project was a great idea and a beautiful upgrade to our campus.

Left to Right, Top Row: Elisabeth Errett, Luna Puangco, Sissie Luo, Kian Malakooti, Jacob Susim, Luke Johnson. Bottom Row: Jenna Han, Patrick Wang, Luke Kim, Eric Yi, Philip Suhr, Raina Patague, and Dr. Kevin Malakooti. Not pictured: Kevin Min

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