Knights Take Home Top Awards in Island Wide Science Fair

Twenty St. John’s students won top awards after impressing the judges and visitors with their inventive projects at this year’s 41st Island Wide Science Fair held on May 11 at the University of Guam Science Building. Competing against over 400 participants from Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands, St. John’s young researchers unveiled the culmination of weeks’ worth of hard work and preparation, which ultimately garnered favorable results.

Congratulations to the following students who have participated and placed in their respective categories:

Division 2: Grades 3-5

Category- Energy/Inventions/Engineering/Robotics
1st place- HoYoung (Grace) Kang

Division 3: Grades 6-8

Category- Ecology and Earth science
1st place- Seungho (Sunny) Kang
2nd place- Miwa Gudmundsen

Category- Physical Science and Math
1st place- Mark Wang

Category- Human and Medical
1st place- Vaishnavi Khandelwal
2nd place- Justin Xu

Category- Plant/Animal
1st place- Alexander Gayle

Category- Chemistry
1st place- Elizabeth Chen

Category- Energy/Inventions/Engineering/Robotics
2nd place- Wendy Zheng

Division 4: Grades 9-12

Category- Ecology and Earth science
1st place- Olivia Wen
2nd place- Jamie Lee
3rd place- Kai Harrison

Category- Physical Science and Math
2nd place- Se Young Choung

Category- Human and Medical
2nd place- Heera Kodiyamplakkal
3rd place- Felix Gong

Category- Plant/Animal
3rd- Jenny Mann

Category- Chemistry
1st place- Brian Joseph

Category- Energy/Inventions/Engineering/Robotics
1st place- Soomin Lee
2nd place- Grace Hutapea
3rd place- Sunny Tae

Eighth grader, Vaishnavi Khandelwal is the Division 3 Overall Winner with her project entitled, “Analyzing the Antimicrobial Properties of Murraya Koenigii Leaves”.

Left to Right (Top row): Se Young Choung, Felix Gong, Kai Harrison, Jenny Mann, Sunny Kang, Soomin Lee, Heera Kodiyamplakkal, Jamie Lee, Grace Hutapea, Olivia Wen, Wendy Zheng (Bottom Row): Vaishnavi Khandelwal, Elizabeth Chen, Justine Xu, Miwa Gudmundsen, Alexander Gayle, and Mark Wang. Not pictured: Grace Kang, Brian Joseph and Sunny Tae.

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