St. John’s School Graduates Kindergarten Class of 2031

In celebration of a year of exponential development and growth, St. John’s School held its kindergarten graduation for the Class of 2031 on June 5 at the school chapel, the Episcopal Church of St. John the Divine. The ceremony opened with introductions by the Mistress of the Ceremony, Mrs. Michelle Untalan. After the presentation of awards and certificates, the twenty-one young graduates performed two dance numbers, “ABC Mouse” and “Party Rock Anthem”, directed by dance teacher, Mr. T.J. Cruz and music teacher, Mrs. Ludy Ko. The kindergarteners continued to sing “Glowing Inside” to pay tribute to their parents.

The kindergarten class was taught by Mrs. Julie Perez and Mrs. Mickalina Reid. The blooming graduates look forward to “rock and roll into the first grade”.

Thank you to all the teachers and the parents for the influential role that you have all played to facilitate this process. Congratulations to the Class of 2031!

For more photos, click here.

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