St. John’s School Spelling Bee

St. John’s School held its annual school-wide spelling bee on Friday, January 24 at the school gym. The 16 students representing their classes included:

3-1 – Isha Rajesh
3-2 – Kae Temma
4-1 – Madison Arriola
4-2- Mia Aguigui
5-1 – Teia Ada-Vibar
5-2 – Kailee Wong
5-3 – Justin Chun
6-1 – Jamie Xu
6-2 – Sophia Lee
6-3 – Vinicia Kim
7-1 – Roy Jin
7-2 – Rina Olsen
7-3 – James Luo
8-1 – Kelvin Lee
8-2 – Jacob Jackson
8-3 – AJ Morales

After numerous rounds of challenging words being spelled out, 7th grader Rina Olsen rose victorious. The second-place winner was 8th grader, AJ Morales. Rina will represent St. John’s School for her fifth consecutive year at the 48th Scripps Regional Bee, with AJ being the alternate.


Left to right – AJ Morales and Rina Olsen

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