Ring Ceremony 2020

A St. John’s School tradition, the annual Ring Ceremony took place on February 12 at the school chapel. This formal event symbolizes the handing down of responsibility from the seniors to the juniors. In pairs, junior and senior students were called forth to have their candles lit and for the underclassmen to receive their rings.

After the ring reception, senior class president, Nikki Mathews, gave the closing speech honoring the Class of 2021. In her speech, she mentioned the journey that the underclassmen have thus far experienced and provided guidance on the last step towards senior year.

She ended her speech with a piece of advice, “Take risks. It may seem scary not knowing what the future holds, but you are all Knights. Whatever happens, you can bounce back and come back stronger than when you started. Remember to be there for each other, there is no one else in this school who gets you more than your classmates. I hope you’re all ready for the year to come.”

Following the ceremony, the juniors and seniors bonded over a luncheon celebration held at the Hyatt Regency Guam.

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