St. John’s Students Win Guam Island-Wide Writing Challenge

Three St. John’s students triumphed in the Guam Island-Wide Writing Challenge sponsored by the University of Guam’s College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences. The challenge was launched to promote writing throughout the island and to foster a love for reading and writing within and beyond the school setting.

St. John’s School would like to congratulate the following students for winning in their respective divisions.

  • Esther Sablan Fearn (5th grade) – 4th-5th grade division
  • Grace Kang (7th grade) – 6th-8th grade division
  • Sunny Kang (10th grade) – 9th-12th grade division

4th – 5th grade elementary students were tasked to compose a short narrative essay answering the question, “If you could create your own universe, what would it look like?” In a narrative essay, middle school students responded to the prompt, “Does writing help you explore your identity?” Lastly, high school students were asked to submit a non-fiction or creative narrative essay responding to the prompt, “How does writing empower or exclude yourself and others?” As an alternative, students had the opportunity to submit a poem accompanied by an additional essay paragraph instead.

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