International Conference of Young Social Scientists (ICYSS)

Six St. John’s upper school students participated and performed well in their respective categories at the International Conference of Young Social Scientists held online from November 14-15, 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the competition was held virtually to maintain the continuity of the competition.

The ICYSS is an international competition of research projects in the fields of psychology, sociology, geography, history, and economics.

Students from nine countries presented their research projects and gained insights of different cultures. Projects were evaluated by international and local judges.

Congratulations to the following students:

Mark Wang – Gold for Economics category
“Examining the Feasibility and Economic Growth Potential for Establishing Special Economic Zones in Vietnam Using Chinese Economic Reform Policies”

Olivia Kang and Kai Harrison – Silver for Economics category
“Analysis of the Idealogical and Financial Influences in the Development of North and South Korea’s Separate Economic Trajectories Following the Korean War”

Justine Xu – Silver for Sociology category
“Exploring CHamoru Feminism: The Evolution of Feminism in Guam”

Rachel Seo – Bronze for Sociology category
“Influence of popular culture on the pressing demographic problem of a rapidly aging society in Korea”

Alex Gayle – Special Mention for Psychology category
“The Psychology of Quarantine: An Analysis of the Freedom of Choice on Early 20th Century Guam”

The St. John’s School team was led by team leader, Mrs. Catherine Gayle, SJS Social Studies Department Chair.

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