2020 Japan Super Science Fair

The 18th Japan Super Science Fair (JSSF), usually held in Kyoto, Japan, was held virtually this year and took place over three weekends, October 31st, November 1st, 7th, 8th, 14th and 15th. Students from about 63 schools from 25 countries attended this annual science fair. They were able to participate in various activities including science project presentations, science discussion and lectures, science showdowns, and cultural events.

The six St. John’s students who participated in this year’s Japan Super Science Fair were:

  • Miwa Gudmundsen (10th grade)
    The Effects of Plastic Materials and Compost in Producing Methane Gas
  • Jessica Ju (10th grade)
    Development of Face Mask using Eco-Friendly Hair
  • Edward Ju (10th grade)
    Target Removal of Artificial Colors from Beverages using the Porous Structure and Ingredient of Bread
  • Elizabeth Chua (10th grade)
    The Effects of Spathodea campanulata on the Activity of the Giant African Land Snail
  • Minjeong (Rachel) Seo (11th grade)
    Learning from our past—Application of the physics behind slingstones
  • Soomin Lee (12th grade)
    Calculation of Risk Levels of Getting a Herniated Disc in the Neck in the Posture of Our Daily Lives Using the Cervical Spine Model

For the Science Showdown, students were divided up into small groups of five from different countries. Through teamwork, they had to work together to solve science-related problems presented to them. Soomin Lee’s group came in second place and Rachel Seo’s group came in first place.

Top left to right: Rachel Seo, Jessica Ju, Miwa Gudmundsen
Bottom left to right: Elizabeth Chua, Edward Ju, Soomin Lee

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