Jane Shiu, the college guidance counselor at St. John’s School, has been recognized as a recipient of the 2021 College Board Counselor Recognition Program.

She was among the 371 middle and high school counselors, nationwide, who have gone the extra mile to support and guide students through their college application journey. They are proven lifelong learners, collaborators, advocates, and data-driven counselors who have been recognized for their hard work and dedication in helping students succeed. Shiu was the only counselor on Guam to receive this recognition.

Shiu has taken the pandemic as an opportunity to increase the reach of the college guidance program at St. John’s School. Once the island shifted to an all online school program, she reached out to her contacts on the mainland and was able to get virtual college visits from a record number of universities.

Last year, St. John’s School had 13 college visits. Shiu was able to have presentations by 25 institutions this school year. In addition, because the Zoom conference participant limit is more than what St. John’s School needed, she invited all Guam schools to every one of the college visits. This, in turn, had the other schools open their Zoom visits up to St. John’s School.

All in all, St. John’s students and those from around the island received a great number of college visits to find more information about universities from Guam, the US mainland, Japan, and the Philippines.

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