Ring Ceremony 2021

This year’s ring ceremony was not the typical ceremony done with all upper school seniors and juniors. Due to COVID-19, the annual ring ceremony was modified to adhere to safety protocols. One, being the number of students and visitors allowed to enter the chapel – aside from school administrators, only the Class of 2022 and three senior class officers participated, in the otherwise brimful event.

On April 20, the junior class gathered in the school chapel for the annual ring ceremony. The rings were bequeathed to the juniors by the senior class vice president, Matthew Sevilla, and class secretary, Andrew McCormic. This formal event symbolizes the passing down of responsibility from the seniors to the juniors. No candles were lit at this year’s ring ceremony.

After the ring reception, senior class president, Olivia Wen, gave the closing speech honoring the Class of 2022.

In her speech, Wen mentioned that as the juniors become upperclassmen of St. John’s, they carry the responsibility of acting as role models to the underclassmen and lower school students. She also mentioned that the incoming seniors should remember the words “representation, behavior, and leadership” as they enter the pair of red doors next August.

She concluded her speech with a piece of advice, “Stay motivated and be there for each other, even if it means walking together to the pool parking lot or helping the class officers out with small tasks like buying ice for fundraisers.” Wen added, “Know that St. John’s will be your second home, and that you will look back and be grateful both for the strong work ethic imposed by St. John’s teachers and for the maintenance staff who stay late until 7 to mop the floors. And remember, no matter what path in life you choose, you will always be — an SJS Knight from the Class of 2022.”

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