ICYS 2021

The 27th International Conference of Young Scientists hosted by Belgrade, Serbia, took place from April 23 to 26. The online conference welcomed 142 students from 23 countries.

Congratulations to the following students for earning awards in their respective categories:

  • Elizabeth Chua (10th grade) – Bronze medal in Life Science
    “The Effects of Spathodea campanulata on the Activity of the Giant African Land Snail”
  • Rachel Seo (11th grade) – Bronze medal in Physics
    “Learning from our past – Application of the physics behind slingstones”
  • Soomin Lee (12th grade) – Special Prize in Physics
    “Calculation of Risk Levels of Getting a Herniated Disk in Neck in the Posture of Our Daily Lives Using the Cervical Spine Model”

St. John’s School would also like to acknowledge 10th graders, Jake Tae, Kasey Xu, and Miwa Gudmundsen for presenting their well-researched projects.

Moreover, St. John’s Guam video submission for the cultural performance won first place.

Students performing for the cultural presentation.

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