Upper School Juniors Repaint Bus Stop

A group of upper school students worked together to repaint a local bus stop located on North Sabana Drive in Barrigada Heights. The theme of the bus stop is from a popular online game, “Among Us”. Upper school junior, Daniel Chong said they chose the theme because they wanted it to resonate with the younger generations. “During quarantine, my friends and I spent many enjoyable nights playing this game together, and we wanted to share this experience,” said Chong. Through this project, the students were able to earn CAS credits. The bus stop was completed on March 24, 2021.

Participants who repainted the bus stop include Brian Chan, Erren Chen, Daniel Chong, Wesley Garcia, Justin Joseph, Page and Lane Murrell, Darya Ouhadi, Fred Otte, Jadyn Palomares, Jonathan Pizarro, Eunjun Shin, and William Su.

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