Upper school juniors take first in the Guam Stock Market Game

One of the three St. John’s teams came in first place in the annual Guam Stock Market Game competition, in connection with Asia Pacific Financial Group and Teach Money, Inc.

Fifteen teams from various schools around Guam participated in the three-month long, investment competition. Each team was given a hypothetical $100,000 to invest in the stock market and create a portfolio based on research and diversification.

The first-place team consisted of high school juniors, Max Manibusan, Zeward Wang, Kenji Haruna, and Ye Liu. The team finished with $105,310.26 in total equity.

IBS Economics teacher, Mr. William Parker, awarded the first-place team with a certificate of recognition for having the best team performing portfolio.

5th Place:
Alexa Espaldon
Jacob Jackson
Hayden Crisfield

7th Place:
Olivia Kang
Brian Chan
Chelsea Luo
Kyrav Sachdej

Left to right: Kenji Haruna, Zeward Wang, Ye Liu, Max Manibusan and Mr. William Parker

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