Japanese Club Donates 1000 origami cranes to St. Dominic’s Senior Care Home

A tradition that began last school year, the Japanese Club donated 1000 origami cranes, also known as senbazuru, to St. Dominic’s Senior Care Home in Barrigada on October 11, 2021. Through this appreciation gift, the students would like to wish staff and residents of St. Dominic’s Senior Care Home peace, harmony and safety during the pandemic.

“We wanted to contribute something that would lift the spirits of the elderly. The cranes are so colorful and were handcrafted by each Japanese Club member, so I really hope that the elderly and the St. Dominic’s staff enjoy the senbazuru,” said Japanese Club president, Miwa Gudmundsen. She hopes that by seeing the cranes, spectators will feel peace and positivity.

This undertaking provided the opportunity for students to work individually and convey their gratitude as a group. Each club member folded about 20 origami cranes using sustainable materials. They reused old origami paper provided by club advisors, Mrs. Fumiko Harada and Mrs. Yuko Stenson, and were also encouraged to use scratch paper. Officers and club volunteers strung the paper cranes by color and attached them on two wired hangers which ultimately formed the vibrant senbazuru.

Gudmundsen hopes that the tradition will continue for years to come. “The symbolism behind making and giving the senbazuru is to pass on peace and love, which I believe is an essential part of being a student at St. John’s School— growing for the better as individuals in the community and trying to do good for our island.”

“I would like to thank our advisors Harada Sensei and Stenson Sensei for the constant love and support for our club. They are the driving force of our club and they are such inspirations to us students,” expressed the club president. She further thanked St. Dominic’s Senior Care Home for accepting the donation and for the awe-inspiring work they do to help others; St. John’s School parents who encourage their students to work hard and go out into the world to effectuate positive change to the community; and all the Japanese Club members for their dedication and commitment to making the world better in each activity they partake in. “Our members work hard to spread joy and love as individuals, as students, and as Japanese Club members,” stated Gudmundsen.

Left to right: Mrs. Yuko Stenson, Olivia Kang, Si Yeon Lee, Miwa Gudmundsen, Andrew Stenson, Mrs. Fumiko Harada

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