‘Dawn’ Artwork Unveiled

A Japanese mural was unveiled on Friday, January 14, 2022, on the second floor of the upper school building. The mural was created in collaboration with the Japanese Club and the Art Club.

Japanese Club president, Miwa Gudmundsen, and her peers wanted to create a lasting art piece that celebrates Japanese culture at St. John’s, which prompted the art project.

Designed by upper school junior, Lulu Shao, the artwork entitled “Dawn” portrays a scene of a rising sun with golden rays of lights, two cranes flying around the sun, and sakura flowers surrounding the scene.

Shao explained that Dawn was inspired by the traditional Japanese paintings and their colors of gold, red and blue. “I combined all the elements into a design that valued the balance of the work, the clarity and harmony of the subjects and colors,” Shao added.

Art Club president and upper school senior, Donna Chang, stated that the workload was divided evenly among Art Club volunteers; and with more students assisting, the progress ran faster. “We always had two shifts available on our painting days. The morning shift works more on the large areas (such as background colors or repeated patterns like flowers), whereas the afternoon shift continues the work and follows through with detailed work”, Chang expounded.

The three students are thankful for the time and support of their advisors, Mr. Skvaril, Mrs. Fumiko Harada, and Mrs. Yuko Stenson. They further acknowledged the members and officers of both clubs for their time and dedication in the completion of the project.

We hope the students enjoy their walks down the stairs and appreciate the new painting.

Donna Chang, Art Club President

Student painters include:
10th grade:
Kana Huh
Liam Padua

11th grade:
Grace Chang
Nishka Dewan
Miwa Gudmundsen
Vaishnavi Khandelwal
Dylan Perez
Lulu Shao
Kai-Li Updegrove
Bella Wu
Cylia Wu

12th grade:
Donna Chang
Olivia Kang
Siyeon Lee
Gerard Lim
Andrew Stenson
Nicole Yi

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