2022 School Spelling Bee

Fifteen class-level spelling bee winners, from third to eighth grade, competed in the school Spelling Bee competition on Thursday, January 21 at the Parish Hall. After 22 rounds, the champion and the runner-up were determined. Congratulations to this year’s school-wide Spelling Bee winner, Mia Aguigui, 6th grade, and runner-up Madison Arriola, 6th grade.

Mia will represent St. John’s School in this year’s Scripps Regional Spelling Bee, with Madison being her alternate.

Congratulations to all the incredible spellers who participated in this year’s spelling competition! Thank you to the judges, Mrs. Emily Caseres, Mrs. Denise Mathews, and Ms. Jane Shiu; and reader, Mr. Bob Kelley.

8th-grade representatives:
Grace Kang
Jamie Xu
Zane Whitehead

7th-grade representatives
Oliver Schaumann
Saya Green
Mariana Castro

6th-grade representatives
Alick Zhao
Madison Arriola
Mia Aguigui

5th-grade representatives
Joy Kim
Donggeon Kim 

4th-grade representatives
Derrick Yan 
Ethan Basco

3rd-grade representatives
Keri Miyashita 
Carol Huang

To watch the Spelling Bee coverage, click here

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