2022 Young Artists Competition

Nine St. John’s students did exceptionally well in their respective categories in the Guam Symphony Society’s 2022 Young Artists Competition. The competition was held at the University of Guam Fine Arts Theater on January 26th and 27th and welcomed musicians ages 6 to 21, all vying for placements in their category: elementary (3rd to 6th grade), junior (7th to 9th grade), and senior (10th grade and up).

Congratulations to the following students:

Elementary Division

1st Place –Bella Huang (5th Grade), violin
2nd Place –Joy Kim (5th Grade), violin

Junior Division

1st Place: Grace Kang (8th Grade), violin
2nd Place: Jamie Xu (8th Grade), violin
3rd Place: Rina Olsen (9th Grade), piano

Senior Division

1st Place –Kasey Xu (11th Grade), piano
1st Place –Justine Xu (11th Grade), violin
2nd Place – Kelvin Lee (10th Grade), piano
3rd Place –Sunny Kang (11th Grade), clarinet

Left to right: Ms. Patricia Bennett, Head of School, Jamie Xu, Rina Olsen, Sunny Kang, Bella Huang, Grace Kang, Joy Kim, Kasey Xu, Kelvin Lee, Justine Xu

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