Lewis Ku, IBH Music Student, Hosts Drum Concert

Lewis Ku, an International Baccalaureate Music Diploma Programme, higher level (HL) student and high school senior, hosted a music concert on Friday, April 8th at the school’s parish hall. Students taking IB Music (HL only) must complete component #4, also known as the Contemporary Music-Maker. Under the Contemporary Music-Maker component, students develop and submit a continuous multimedia presentation inspired by real-life practices of music-making, demonstrating musical competencies and skills.

Ku performed the drums and collaborated with other talented musicians in this concert that he organized himself. Among the collaborators included upper school students, Lucas Lee, Alex Gayle, Isaac Campus, Jonathan Pizzaro, Rachel Seo, William Su, Gerard Lim, Justin Joseph, and fellow drummer, Mr. Basa Gus.

He performed a range of songs, from rock to R&B to classical hits, including Smells Like Teen Spirit and Come as You Are by Nirvana, Come Together and Paperback Writer by the Beatles, Bruno Mar’s Talking to the Moon, and Pachelbel’s Canon, to name a few.

Not only did Ku play the modern drums. Towards the end of the concert, he performed with the Tahitian drums alongside Gerard Lim, Justin Joseph, and Mr. Basa Gus.

Ku’s music concert was the first of many more IBH component #4 concerts to come.

Click here to watch the performances.

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