2022 NHS and NJHS Induction Ceremony

St. John’s middle and upper school students were inducted into the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) and National Honor Society (NHS) on Thursday, April 21 in the school chapel. The cornerstones of membership for both honor societies include having a high scholastic average as well as citizenship, leadership, character, and service.

Camille Manalo, NHS Vice President, explained that their aim is to encourage others to aspire to scholarly habits, develop qualities of leadership, engage in worthy service, lead in those things which shall advance the welfare of our school and community, and gain qualities of character.

The colored candles, representing the different attributes of the two honor societies, were lit and further elaborated by NHS and NJHS Officers. NHS Historian, Lulu Shao, lit the white candle and explained the eligibility for the honor societies. Kiana Ng, NHS Secretary, lit the purple candle and spoke about Scholarship. The yellow candle was lit by NHS Treasurer, Justine Xu, who further talked about Citizenship. NJHS President, Vinicia Kim, lit the red candle and explained Service. The green candle, which represented Leadership, was lit and explained by Jamie Xu, NJHS Vice President. Jerrick Palomares, NJHS Treasurer, lit the light blue candle and discussed the last attribute, Character.

After the advisors presented the candidates, Ms. Bennett, Head of School, led the inductees in reciting the pledge.

Congratulations to the newly inducted NHS and NJHS members!

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