University of Guam Marine Lab Art Contest

The Marine Lab at the University of Guam (UOG) recently hosted an art competition for the different middle schools on Guam. Each middle school that entered had a first-place winner. The winner for St. John’s School is 6th grader, Elsa Paulino. She received a certificate and a snorkel set. The theme was to create an image of marine life, with any art medium they desired to use.

Students from the Marine Department’s Lemer Lab presented to middle school students across the island about corals, coral importance, and how to sustain coral growth. The competition and presentation encouraged students to explore Guam’s marine life safely and helped bring awareness about corals and their current degradation.

Left to right: Elsa Paulino, Miwa Gudmundsen, St. John’s junior and intern at the UOG marine lab, and Ms. Patricia Bennett, Head of School.

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