Ten SJS Seniors Named 2023 National Merit Semifinalists

Ten St. John’s School seniors have been named semifinalists in the 68th annual National Merit Scholarship Program. A total of eleven semifinalists have been selected on Guam. They are among the 16,000 high school seniors continuing to compete for about 7,250 National Merit Scholarships worth nearly $28 million that will be offered next spring.

These academically talented semifinalists entered the program when they were juniors by taking the 2021 Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test, which served as the initial screening. The nationwide pool of semifinalists represents less than one percent of U.S. high school seniors and includes the highest-scoring entrants in each state.

St. John’s School would like to congratulate the following seniors for their academic achievement:

  • Elizabeth Chen
  • Elizabeth Chua
  • Jin Chung
  • Miwa Gudmundsen
  • Seungho (Sunny) Kang
  • John Zachary Robato
  • Siwen (Lulu) Shao
  • Mark Wang
  • Justine Xu
  • Kasey Xu

Of the approximately 16,000 semifinalists, about 15,000 seniors will be selected to advance to the Finalist level in February. National Merit Scholarships, which include 2,500 National Merit $2500 Scholarships, about 950 corporate-sponsored Merit Scholarship awards and some 3,800 college-sponsored Merit Scholarship awards, will be offered in the spring of 2023.

Update: Seungho (Sunny) Kang has also been selected as a semifinalist.

Top row (left to right): Ms. Patricia Bennett, Head of School, Jin Chung, John Zachary Robato, Mark Wang, Miwa Gudmundsen, Mr. Bob Kelley, Assistant Head of School. Bottom Row (left to right): Siwen (Lulu) Shao, Elizabeth Chen, Justine Xu, Kasey Xu, Elizabeth Chua.
Update: Complete group photo of Guam’s 2023 National Merit Semifinalists. Left to right (top row): Miwa Gudmundsen, Elizabeth Chua, Mark Wang, Jungin Mun (John F. Kennedy High School), Elizabeth Chen, Seungho ‘Sunny’ Kang; bottom row: Jin Chung, Siwen ‘Lulu’ Shao, Justine Xu, Kasey Xu, John Zachary Robato.

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