SJS Students Shine at UOG Math Day Competition

St. John’s middle and upper school students placed on top in all three divisions at the Math Quiz Competition during the University of Guam’s 12th Annual Math Day on Saturday, November 19th.

The competition consisted of three divisions: Basic Algebra, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus, where students participated in a team of two.

In the Basic Algebra division, middle schoolers Sujin Oh (8th) and Kailee Wong (8th) won first place against high schoolers. Math Day competitions are initially for high school students, but middle school students may compete in this division only.

Dylan Chong (10th) and Allan Zeng (9th) tied for first place with another team in the Pre-Calculus division.

In the Calculus division, Edward Ju (12th) and Jake Tae (12th) won first place with a perfect score. Lulu Shao (12th) and Taiyo Tagami (11th) tied with Kelvin Lee (11th) and Luke Jang (11th) for second place.

Congratulations to our student mathletes and advisors!

Participants also had the opportunity to attend a special presentation titled “Math, Movies, and Bubbles.” The presentation was given by Michael Dorff, Ph.D., a mathematics professor at Brigham Young University (Utah) and former president of the Mathematical Association of America.

Left to Right: Taiyo Tagami, Lulu Shao, Jake Tae, Edward Ju, Kailee Wong, Sujin Oh, Dylan Chong, Allan Zeng, Luke Jang, and Kelvin Lee.

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