Basketball Shooting Machine Donated By Alumnus

St. John’s basketball players can now kick their training up a notch thanks to the basketball shooting machine that was generously donated by St. John’s Class of 2007 alumnus, Seong Cho. Seong Cho recently donated the Original Shoot-A-Way for the school gymnasium early February 2018. The shooting machine serves as an automatic rebounder, instantly rebounding a made or missed shot and delivering the ball back for another shot.

The shooting station enable players to effectively and efficiently train and perform various shooting drills for zone shooting, shots off picks, low post cuts, or 3-point shot. According to upper school basketball varsity coach, Mr. Fred Peters, varsity members usually shoot an average of 150 made shots during training. Depending on the individual training, Mr. Peters  added, “there have been days when someone like Takumi (Simon) will set a goal of making 500 shots, combination of three pointers, 15 footers, off the dribble, etc.  However, there are others who will only set a goal of making 10 shots from 7 spots.”

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