St. John’s Japanese Club Celebrates Children’s Day

On May 5, in celebration of Children’s Day in Japan, the St. John’s Japanese Club raised colorful koinobori, or carp-shaped streamers, on the lower school flagpole and hosted a wadaiko (Japanese drums) and bonodori (Japanese traditional dance) performance. The wadaiko performance was performed by the group, Dolphin Jump.

Additionally, the Japanese Club donated 400 multicolored origami carps to Erica’s House Guam, a family visitation center. Carps being the symbol of Children’s Day, represent strength, success, and fighting spirit. According to a Chinese legend, a carp determinedly swam upstream, up a waterfall, and transformed into a dragon.

Children’s Day, or Kodomo no Hi, is an annual holiday in Japan to honor children and celebrate their success, happiness, and healthy growth.

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